Thursday, October 21, 2010

Back Door!

September 23rd, 2010 we finally were able to buy a new back door for the mudroom! Jason had been working mandatory 7-day weeks for three weeks straight, which is why we could afford the door (on sale) but also made it tight to fit replacing the door into the schedule. But, we desperately needed to replace the old door which was NOT at all weather tight.

The old door showing the light (and cold or heat, depending on the season) that would stream in:

Taking off the old storm door. We put the old storm door back on, but we will eventually replace it as well.

No doors!

The old door off. The bottom window panel was actually a very thin Plexiglas instead of real glass.

Fitting the new door in the old slot:

The new door installed! Jason had to go to work before the knobs and deadbolt were in, so I chiseled the spots and installed the door knobs and deadbolt:

Trim Work

In September, 2010 we finally got the trim work around the front door finished up. Here are pictures that were taken the 12th of September.