Monday, June 10, 2013

Kitchen Progress

After three years, we were finally able to come back to the kitchen and finish it up!  We started working on the kitchen in September of 2009 shortly after moving into the Grove.  Other projects called us away from finishing up the kitchen until September 2012.  Now, we have everything complete except replacing the flooring, which we're hoping to get granite (maybe) tile in black with white flecks.  However, that is a major project that will cost quite a lot, so we have delayed it for a while.

Here are all the pictures I have of the project, I thought I had taken more of the finished project, but apparently not.  I'll have to take some when my kitchen isn't quite so "lived in" looking.

For an anniversary gift, Jason got this barn themed boarder and put up in the kitchen.
Here is a before picture

And after.