Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trying to play catch-up...Peter's Room

After Christmas 2009 while Jason was still off from work for the Christmas and New Year holidays we started working on finishing up the boys' rooms. I desperately wanted to get Peter out of our room & into his own room. Christmas time was my goal and we were able to accomplish it!

We had previously painted in Peter's room, we just needed to touch up the trim (which we decided to keep the original color, so we had to color match a pint to touch up areas of it) and do something to the floor.

We were thinking we'd have to paint the floor until we could afford to do something more permanent. But, we knew the first step was to remove the old beat up "tile" that was there.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a nice looking wood floor underneath! It will require some sanding and refinishing later, but it looks MUCH better than the beat up fake tile that was there!

Peter checking out his "new" floor.

Hangin' out in his room while we worked.

It looks like the room used to have a closet and they just put some untreated wood in the spot that the closet wall was. Long ago, the boys' rooms must have been one room. Someone decided to tear out the end closet and put a divider in to create two rooms.

The dividing wall between the boys' rooms, and the nice flooring we found under the beat up old tile.

Touching up the darker green on the trim.

Putting the bi-fold doors back in.

There was no ceiling fixture in Peter's room, so we got my brother Dean's help to put in new electrical for a ceiling light and fan.

The hole for the light switch.

Putting in the fan.

The curtain I made for Peter's room