Monday, August 17, 2009

It's ours!!

Today we signed on the house and it became officially ours! We got the one key it had and went in for a little while. We couldn't stay long because, unfortunately, Jason has to supervise at work today, so he couldn't use a vacation day for today. So, we will begin our cleaning and fixing-up spree tomorrow.

We brought a big box of cleaning supplies with that we will be utilizing tomorrow. We also brought a mailbox to put out. As it so happened, we met our mail lady and she gave us some ideas as to where to put it. (She also gave me my first piece of mail! I was expecting it to take about 6 weeks to arrive, so I used the new address not thinking it would only take about a week to arrive. It's my free chocolate coupon from Mars/M&M's.) The house has an existing mail slot, but it is strangely placed near the floor in the back corner of the mudroom closet. We prefer a mailbox, so we put ours out. It is only temporary, since we didn't have the time needed to permanently place it. But for now, it's our first "claim of our territory" sort of thing.

We can't wait to start working on our house and begin to make it ours. :) The first step will be to tear out the old carpet which had been saturated with cat urine and makes the entire house smell pretty awful. I brought boxes of baking powder and some air fresheners today and placed in just about every room of the house to help make it smell a bit better.

I don't expect I'll be able to post a lot during the next few weeks or so, since we'll be busy with cleaning, fixing, and moving. Stay tuned for more updates...whenever I get a moment to post them.


  1. We're happy that the closing is finally done and you will be moving to Greenville!

    Love you,
    Mom & Dad Woodard

  2. This is fun, that you have a blog for the house! I will enjoy reading the updates and seeing all the cool changes you guys will be making! We look forward to seeing it in person next summer...

    Amy & fam :)

  3. God is awesome, that's all there is to it! I'm so excited to have a new home and tomorrow we'll really begin to make it ours. :)


  4. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing your progress on this project! (I promise to share tips on hardwood floor refinishing soon!)

  5. Congratulations on your new home! How exciting!