Thursday, December 17, 2009

Still More Kitchen Progress...

We decided to put cupboards above the sink, so Jason needed to make those cupboards also. Because the plaster had loosened from the lath causing one of the walls to be wavy, it made it impossible to put up cupboards without re-doing the wall.

Here is the wall before Jason tore it out:

The process of tearing out the wall:

(In the process of tearing out the plaster & lath, Jason discovered some sort of old abandoned nest in the wall!)

The new drywall in place!

Putting on corner trim:

The new wall prior to priming and painting:


  1. Wow! Lots of work. :) Looking good!!

  2. Yeah, it IS a lot of work, but it's so cool seeing it all come together and become more "ours".

    I have a series of posts (mostly about the kitchen) scheduled for one a day through the keep watching! :)