Friday, January 6, 2012

Master Bedroom & Bath

Well, I've been holding off on posting about our major project re-doing the master bedroom and master bath until we had it completed. However, it is such a MAJOR undertaking, that it has taken more than a year and we're still not finished. So, I will post our progress so far. We began in November (the 9th, I believe) 2010 with tearing apart the old tiny closet. (Even though, technically, we had started back in March 2010 by tearing out the Orange Street side bedroom wall and putting in a wall next to the steps for the closet, see that post here.)

Tearing apart the old closet

The little closet had a lower ceiling than the rest of the room, and the bathroom had a little "box" of sorts down from the ceiling. We found out what it was: the bookshelf (formerly a large window we believe) on the second landing of the stairs.

We decided to put in an attic access in the new closet because our bedroom had no access.

In order to tear out the remainder of the closet side wall, we needed to tear apart the bathroom. Since we were planning to eventually extend the bathroom, we decided that we must do them both at the same time. That wasn't our original plan, but it needed to be done. Here is the bathroom "before".

Here you can see the "box" in the bathroom ceiling/wall, which was from the bookshelf on the stairs.

The ceiling in the bathroom was a drop ceiling covering a very moldy original ceiling.

This nasty old fan/vent wasn't vented properly and there were large holes in the ceiling where there didn't need to be any.

Tearing out the bathroom wall.

Jason had to go to work, which interrupted the "flow" of work, so I decided to continue ripping out the shower on my own. It was VERY moldy beneath the tile.

The insulation had slipped down and started to rot away.

Under the floor of the shower was hardened cement, which seems odd.

The wood planking on the studs had to be cut where they went past the outer bathroom wall.

Working on the drop-down of the bookshelf. Jason just wanted to work around it because it was going to be a LOT of work cutting it down, but I really wanted a smooth ceiling for the closet and the bathroom, so I begged him to cut it down.

This is the front of the bookshelf on the stairway side. You can see the cuts that were made from the bedroom side.

Jason cutting the drop down from the stairway side.

Peter thought that was a lot of fun being able to see into Daddy & Mommy's room from the stairway!

The hole boarded up.

Insulation going up.

Drywall up in the bathroom.

We discovered what must have been an old doorway. On the steps going down to the basement, it was a shallow shelf, so we tore it apart. This picture shows the hole looking into the basement stairway.

The hole boarded up. We had to cut and remove the majority of the old door trim and casing because it was sticking out beyond the studs.

Preparing to cut the floor to extend the bathroom floor.

The bathroom floor with new plywood sub-floor to extend the bathroom.

The new bathroom floor linoleum.

Working on the water supply for the shower.

Originally, we were going to re-use the old shower. The next few pictures are re-installation of the old shower with new plastic walls, and new shower control knob.

Preparing to mud the walls.

Walls mudded.


Ceiling mudded, beginning to prime.

Walls primed, ceiling primed and painted.

Ceiling painted.

Beginning to paint the walls. (This picture is deceiving, because that's pretty much all the priming and painting Jason did, the rest was done by me while he was at work.)

This picture is more representative of the bathroom prime & paint job! ;)

Walls painted and baseboard in.

Starting on the pluming and vanity for the sink.

While Jason was off work for Christmas 2010, my parents took our kids for the day. We decided that was the ideal day to tear out the bedroom wall that faced the stairway, so we could do both at once without fear of the kids falling down the hole(s).

Insulation up and drywall being put up.

Working on the front of the closet.

Drywall up, preparing to mud.

Painting with paint-and-primer-in-one paint.

Ceiling painted, trim up. This is also a view of the attic access, and the new light fixture.

Working on the closet insert.

Putting up the sliding doors for the closet.

Putting up drywall on the outside of the bathroom.

The new bathroom door installed.

The old shower leaked, and we could not locate where the leak was coming from, so we gave in, tore it out, and replaced it.

I either need to take more pictures, or download them off of my camera! Our shower has been installed since May 2011, we have a boarder up in the bathroom, and the sink is in place. We are currently working on the walls of the bedroom. Jason has them mudded, and he's working on sanding so we can prime & paint. This has been a very long involved process that has taken us more than a year to get to this point and we're not even done. My poor kitchen has been waiting, half finished, for a VERY long time!

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  1. Wow. Ugh... it looks like *such* a huge job! But you are making amazing progress with your home, and I love to see the pics of what you're doing! :)