Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Little Stuff?

We've been so busy, I haven't had time to download pictures lately. I've been doing a lot, but I feel like it's only making a little difference. We've had to keep going back to the old house to load our things and bring them back...it's unbelievable how much JUNK we have! Now, I'm faced with the hard task: finding new homes for everything! Slowly, I've been tackling it. We've also gotten a good start to kitchen cupboards, I have Anna's room painted minus trim paint and decorative painting (I'm going to paint flowers cascading down some of the walls and Cinderella on one of the walls).

In all of this, I still have to do things like load/unload the dishwasher, feed & change Peter, make lunch & dinner, laundry, keep the older two kids in line (that can be a full-time job in itself!) etc...on top of getting ready for Halloween. We're going to do a "Men In Black" theme. Peter is going to be Frank the pug, wearing a "I [heart] NY" shirt. :)


  1. I don't have anywhere near as big a project to tackle as you, but I have been feeling just that way lately! As though the routine things (add school) take ALL my time and I have to let things slide to get anything else done! I know it's not really that way but.... Hang in there. :) -Lisa

  2. When we were getting our house ready to move into it, everything else took a back seat. But then we moved in and still had things to work on, and it was so hard because all those "little things" took over. In fact, there are still things we haven't done in this house yet, and we've been here for 20 months!!

    Hang in there!
    Amy :)

  3. It's hard not to feel frazzled, but I try to focus on one or two things, even if they seem small and tackle them. I'm going to try and sew up Peter's pug costume today. It's all cut out, I just need to sew it. :)