Thursday, September 24, 2009

Master Bedroom Door

The door that was on the master bedroom was a pocket door. We wanted a regular door so that it could be locked and also so it could be opened & closed without making a lot of noise like the pocket door did.

Yesterday, Wednesday the 23rd of September, Jason worked on putting in the new door. This door was also a bargain corner find from Menard's for $20 (it's a $100 door). We found out why it was in the bargain corner while trying to put the doorknob in...the hole that is drilled for the doorknob is off-center. Jason will have to cut a plug for it and re-cut the hole, so this project remains unfinished until he can do that. Still, it's very nice to have a door I can open & close quietly so I don't wake the kids up when they are sleeping.


  1. That looks like it will be *really* nice when it's all done! We found a brand new interior door discarded at a building site when we were getting our house fixed up.

    We discovered the reason why when we went to install it... the area cut for the middle hinge to go wasn't exactly in the right spot. But Matt was able to make it work, and it's been great!

    It's so nice to find great bargains when you're fixing up your place, isn't it? I'm enjoying seeing the progress on your house project, Rachel! :)

  2. I LOVE bargains! We don't mind a little extra work if it saves us a bunch of money in the long run. :)