Monday, August 2, 2010


This really doesn't have anything to do with our house, but it was a project that needed doing, and a very important one to the kids, so I thought I'd blog about it. We were trying to get the playset put up before frost set in, but we ran out of time so the poor thing sat rather crooked the entire winter. Then, one day in March (I believe) I had two guys come to the back door. I had been waiting for some people from Freecycle to come pick up the old toilet we took out of the upstairs bathroom, so I was expecting it to be them. I stood there telling them the best way would be to bring the truck to the front since the toilet was on the porch. They looked at me like I had trees growing out of my ears or something and then told me they were there about the playset. I told them it WAS NOT for sale, it belonged to our kids. I felt like saying "Do you see a 'for sale' sign on it? No? Well then go away!" But, I didn't. I secretly hope that they see it now, often, perhaps while our kids are actually using to know how stupid their request was! :)

We had to dig quite a bit because the spot we set up the play equipment is hilly. The back legs of the swing set (and the fort) were lower than the front legs, so we had to dig into the ground so the front legs would be level.

We had a toad visit us in my strawberry garden while we were out working:

Testing out the swings:

Everything set up and ready for play!

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