Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Benjamin's Room

Just after Christmas 2009 we started working in the boys' rooms. I already posted about the work we did in Peter's room. Here is what we did in Benjamin's room.

(This is actually Peter's room, but I forgot to include it in his post.)

We're not done with his room. We still need to cover up the hole where the fan was (we moved it because it wasn't centered in his room). I'll probably paint a few windows here and there on the city.

We brought the plywood city from our old house because we were in the process of making his room there into the "Spiderman room" and didn't want to leave all that effort behind. As a result, we ended up with seams and outlet holes where there weren't before. So, we have some other pieces of city to cut out and paint a darker shade of grey as well as some police cars to cover up some of the seams.

Also, I have a piece of plywood that I've drawn the outline of Spiderman on (pretty close to life-sized, if not bigger) that Jason needs to cut out so I can paint it and then we'll put it up next to his window. I plan to put a rope coming from Spiderman's hand like he's shooting a web across Benjamin's room. It will be pretty cool when it's finished. :)

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