Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One year ago...

Last year on this date we were looking at this house for the very first time. There had been a pending offer on it previously, so we thought we didn't have a chance. We asked our realtor to let us know if the house went back on the market. She called us the same day and told us it was back on the market, the deal had fallen through because of lack of financing. So, we arranged to come see it on July 13th, 2009. I remember the more I saw of the house the more I wanted it for us. It suits us so well and I could visualize all the things we could (would) do to fix it up into "ours" if we were able to get it. Here we are a year later and it has been ours for several months! God is SO GOOD! :)

I thought it might be fun to post some pictures that I had taken on the first day we saw this house along with how the same room/space looks today. The majority of the rooms are "works in progress", so you'll still see unfinished projects or things that haven't gotten done yet in the "now" pictures. I didn't post pictures of every room, but this will give you a good idea:

Deck Then:

Deck Now:

Hall and Front Door Then:

Hall and Front Door Now:

Hall Then:

Hall Now:

Kitchen Then:

Kitchen Now:

Living Room Then:

Living Room Now:

Ben's Room Then:

Ben's Room Now:

Peter's Room Then:

Peter's Room Now:

Anna's Room Then:

Anna's Room Now:


  1. How fun to see the "then" and "now" pics of your house! And I'm so glad we were able to see your new home in person on Father's Day. :) SO exciting, and you're right... God *is* good!

    Amy :)

  2. I love seeing side by side comparisons, so I thought I'd do that on this "anniversary". :) I'm so glad you guys were able to come and see our house. I can't wait to show it off again next year!