Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dining Room Curtains

This doesn't seem like a huge project, but it was one I was glad to have accomplished. We haven't done anything in the dining room (other than the floor and curtains) because we need to completely re-do the walls. The walls in the dining room have the same problem the walls in the hallway and stairway have/had: the plaster is coming away from the lathe and the only thing keeping it up is the wallpaper. This makes the walls "wavy" and bumpy.
Other projects in the house have taken priority, so the dining room waits. In the mean time, I have taken down the blinds and put up curtains. These are the curtains I had at our old house, but I had to redo one set to fit the window better.

This is the dining room when we looked at the house 7-13-09. It had dirty lace valances and clunky blinds:

Here is what it looks like now (ignore the sheen off of the plastic we put on the window) :

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