Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Basement

Finally, we've been able to work in the basement! There was a weird work bench type of thing, old cold air return duct work that wasn't attached to anything, and a tarp partially attached to the ceiling/floor joists that all needed to go before we could put in our own shelving. Jason also tore out some cobbled up shelves and an unnecessary door at the bottom of the basement steps.

Here are pictures. The first two are from the second time we saw the house (our offer had been accepted but were still awaiting the closing) as "before" pictures. The rest are the process of us making it our own, tearing out what we didn't want and building shelves to hold our things (a good portion of this is now storage for my sewing/costuming things). We started by tearing out things on Saturday the 19th of September and I finished by putting things on the completed shelves Monday the 21st of September.


  1. How nice, to have your storage space usable now! I'll bet it feels much better upstairs now, huh?

    I was just thinking about you guys and wondering how things were coming along, so I'm glad you posted these photos. :)

    Amy :)

  2. It is SO nice to have the tubs and boxes out of our living area now! The sad thing is, we still have stuff at the other house!! But, once we get everything over here and put away, it will be better.