Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Painting Peter's Room

Saturday, September 5th, 2009 we focused on the boys' rooms, specifically Peter's room. We decided that we would paint the boys' rooms before Anna's since Anna's room has a finished floor, while the boys' floors are not finished. Our original idea was to paint the rooms, and then lay the floor (we're going to re-use the "wood" laminate flooring that was in the dinning and living rooms) before we moved in (that didn't happen). We got Peter's room painted, though we were hoping to have more done.

Here are pictures:

Peter's room before painting

Benjamin's room before painting:

Peter's room after painting:


  1. I always love it when we get a new room painted! It will be fun to see what all the kids' rooms look like once you're all done working on them.

    Thanks for posting photos, Rachel! I love being able to see the way things are looking there!!

  2. It's exciting when I can get creative things done and add personal touches to our house. I can't wait to have it to the point where I can decorate and have everything put away. :)