Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Mess!

Jason will be making shelves for the basement so we can store our things up off the floor just in case the sewer ever backs up again. He will also be making an area in the basement for me to store my sewing/costume making things.

There are so many projects that need doing, the shelves have taken a "back seat". So, our things are sitting around the main level until I can put them away. It is driving me nuts, because I like to have everything in its place!


  1. Ah, but there you are with all your stuff! It's so cool to see your things in your new place. And, I can picture it with everything put away, too. :)

    It'll be so nice to have your shelves in the basement. Here in AZ, very few homes have basements, so we have plastic tubs in our master closet and around the edges of our garage. Funny how we always thought we were lacking a garage, and now that we have one, we don't have a basement!!

    Anyway, it is fun to see your belongings in your new home. Thanks for posting!!

  2. It'll be even MORE fun to see my belongings where they belong in our new house! ;)