Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Misc. Projects

Shortly before our move on Labor Day (9-7-09) we discovered that the sewer drain in the basement was backing up (YUCK!!). So on the 9th plumbers came out to clean it. There was still a mess in the basement that needed cleaning, so my parents (bless their hearts!!) cleaned it up for us. They came back on the 10th to help us with various projects. My Mom finished cleaning the basement...

...and my Dad helped Jason put in a new [people] door on the garage since the one that was there was falling apart and couldn't be locked. It wasn't a simple job because the old door was smaller than the new one, so they had to open the wall a bit to get the new door to fit.

The "before":

The "during":

The "after":

(We got this door -complete with frame, thresh-hold, and holes for the deadbolt & knob, at Menard's in their bargain corner for $50! It's about a $200+ door!!)

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